Zoviet France: The Tables are Turning (LTD ED)

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1. The Grit In The Clouds 2:26
2. Amber Rose Hand 6:59
3. Flam 7:50
4. Moss Balls On Moss 2:55
5. Green Air 4:46
6. Prophecy Loved A Child 5:08
7. Sweeping Arbor Low 3:08
8. The Fire Of Revolution 0:24
9. Sandbox 1:02
10. The Fire Of Revolution 5:22
11. A Moment Of Film 0:54
12. Poured Out Slowly 6:11

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Somewhere in the rainy, misty forests of the Pacific Northwest of America, three ladies have the unlikely task of sewing together the packaging for a new album by :zoviet*france:. The music was composed as the soundtrack to ‘Designer Body’, a dance that toured England from 2008 to 2009. The work explores the transformational relationship between humans and the clothing they wear. Seven dancers, performing on continuously rotating plinths, slowly remove layers of their costumes, revealing the sensuous nude bodies beneath. The music accompanying the dancers is by turns dense and moody, then lyrical and soaring, underlining the mounting vulnerability of the dancers as they undress.Liv Lorent, balletLORENT”s artistic director and choreographer, spoke with Kelly Apter, writer for The List, saying “At the beginning, the body is the most designed it can be. They’re wearing hats, coats, heavy costumes and make-up – all the man-made and artificial things we do to disguise ourselves everyday. Then, over 50 minutes, we take it all away. And because there are several layers, there’s a real sense of metamorphosis.”The members of :zoviet*france:, who prefer to remain anonymous, write “We”ve known Liv Lorent for a long time. When she started to conceive “Designer Body”, which she wanted to be a hybrid of contemporary dance and performance art, she decided that an unconventional performance needed an unconventional soundtrack. The composition of the soundtrack and the choreography evolved alongside each other so it became a dialogue between Liv and ourselves. The main inspiration that we took from the production”s concept was rotation; throughout the one hour performance, the dancers are located on turntables that turn continuously, at varying speeds and changing direction. We mirrored this in much of the soundtrack, with circular and rotating sounds.

”Deluxe dual-layer green satin bag with fold-over flap. The letters ‘ZF’ are hand-stitched into the flap in white thread, and a two-sided color insert printed on sturdy cardstock completes the package. Limited to 600 copies.

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