In Gowan Ring: Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home

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  1. The Orb Weavers
  2. Hazel Steps
  3. The Seer and the Seen
  4. Kingdom of the Shades
  5. Morning’s Waking Dream
  6. A Poet’s Lyre
  7. Wind That Cracks the Leaves
  8. Two Towers

| Swiss Import | A liminal lucubration of specular poetry composed within a euphonious and eclectic arrangement of acoustic, archaic, and homespun instruments. Featuring guest appearances by Blood Axis.

Another fine release from the Shayo label marks the much demanded re-release of In Gowan Ring’s latest album Hazel Steps. Contemplative and uplifting music and a classic of the genre.

Composer/Conductor B’eirth writes, “The poetic manipulations here reflect upon this life-world as an often traversed habitation. The enigmas of nostalgia, impermanence, and existential transcendence are recurrent. Musically, the arrangements portray a pensive cyclical polyphony whereby each constituent enfolds within another, evincing an integral geometric symmetry. This collection is at once the most simple and the most involved of all my work.”

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