Cosmic Ground: II (CD)


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1 Sol 19:23
2 Ngc 224 18:40
3 Organia 19:43
4 Altair 20:09

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Cosmic Ground is a solo project by keyboardplayer Dirk Jan Müller, member of psychedelic krautrock band Electric Orange, who brought out many albums in the last 25 years.
For this new CD Dirk is using mainly analog synthesizers, modular systems, organs and other historic keyboard instruments. But cosmic ground is different to electric orange, there are no drums oder guitars, the music is 99% electronic and relics from the 80/90s like MIDI were used.
The 4 tracks on the self-titled new CD offer a wide spectrum of sequencer driven tracks, ambient soundscapes and psychedelic drones.
An album for friends of 70s sounding electronic music.

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