Rajna: Babel Limited Edition

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  1. A prayer for Rain 02:08
  2. Ziggourat 02:00 | MP3 Clip
  3. Hanuz Nist – Stoa cover 04:32
  4. Nä Traya 05:50
  5. The Garden of Babylon 02:15 | MP3 Clip
  6. Voyage of the Magus 03:50
  7. Cathy’s Song 03:26
  8. Offering – Olaf Parusel version 03:47
  9. And the Leaves are Falling … 03:48
  10. The Wedding 02:40
  11. Crescent Moon 02:20

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| Italian Import | This is something for Dead Can Dance fans – and not only!!! The French heavenly voices act Rajna is announcing its forthcoming album Babel for an early January 2013 release. The physical edition of Babel will be STRICTLY limited to 200 copies. Babel holds 11 tracks and is inspired by the cradle of our civilization, Mesopotamia. Fabrice & Jeanne once again explore a diversity of ethno instruments such as the duduk, the ney, the bendir, the saz, the buzuki, the whistle, the symphony, and of course its legendary and well known santoor.

The band has also been collaborating with artists such as Olaf Parussel from sToa for this album. This resulted in the tracks “Offering”, “The Wedding” (which was originally conceived as soundtrack for the German documentary “Barbarossa”) and the cover version of the sToa song “Hanuz Nist”.

Rajna is a band from France formed in 1997. Situated somewhere between dream and journey, it is an encounter with different cultures, civilisations, sounds and emotions. Clearly inspired by the mysteries of Orient, these compositions blend instruments from all parts the world: Tibet, Nepal, India, Australia, Turkey, North and Central Africa…and more

A MUST if you are into: Dead Can Dance, Stoa, acoustic Darkwave, Ethereal, WorldMusic, Heaveny Voices and… RAJNA!!!

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