mySpace T-shirt: LARGE: In (my)space no one can hear you delete your profile (50% OFF)

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“In (my)space no one can hear you delete your profile”

Sam says: This slogan (a riff on the Alien tag-line) came to me as I responded to comments on my Facebook post about how useless myspace has become. After staring at it on the page I thought, “Hey, that would make a cool ironic T-shirt!” Unsure if I was just entertaining myself in the vacuum of the internet, I decided to put it to the test at Kickstarter. And it turns out people DID like the idea. Enough people pledged, to hit the goal and fund the manufacturing of this shirt.

So! Here it is!

Slim-fit black American Apparel shirt with white print.

We have chosen to use American Standard shirts, made by American Apparel. Not only do they fit better than any other shirts, but they are made Sweatshop Free, in Downtown L.A. Whenever possible, we try to support American workers here at Projekt. Read more at American Apparel’s website. “Although clothing is a human necessity that transcends all cultures, most apparel is made in exploitative settings. American Apparel is at the vanguard of a new business alternative. We treat our workers with dignity and are committed to paying them a living wage and beyond. 100% of everything we produce is sewn in our building without subcontractors. In the initial stage of environmental assessment, we’ve embarked on a program to recycle thousands of tons of fabric scraps annually. Garment manufacturing is a dirty industry. Electricity, dyes, fiber source, and transportation have a terrible impact on the environment and resources. Aware of our limitations, we are committed to finding viable alternatives such as solar power, pesticide free organic cotton, and an internal environmental audit of our daily operations. “

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