VA – Projekt Promo: PROMO14 | Autumn 2001 ~ SALE $5


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  1. Mira: Space ~ from Apart PRO114
  2. Lycia: Everything Is Cold ~ from Compilation Appearances Vol. 2 PRO120
  3. Mors Syphilitica: The Hues of Longing ~ from Feather and Fate PRO118
  4. Soulwhirlingsomewhere: In On ~ from Please Sennd Help PRO121
  5. Unto Ashes: They Killed Three Little Maids ~ from Saturn Return PRO117
  6. This Ascension: I Wish ~ from Sever PRO125
  7. Lowsunday: Shine ~ from Elesgiem PRO112
  8. Black tape for a blue girl: for you will burn your wings upon the sun ~ from Remnants of a deeper purity PRO68
  9. Alio Die / Amelia Cuni: Apsaras (excerpt) ~ from Apsaras PRO126
  10. Steve Roach: Walking Upright ii (excerpt) ~ from Early Man PRO111
  11. Steve Roach: Structures from Silence (excerpt) ~ from SFS (2001 Remastered Edition) PRO119
  12. Rajna: Sien ~ from Ishati PRO113

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I found a few copies in storage, so I’m putting them on sale for the Projekt collectors | This was the Autumn 2001 installment of the “Almost Free CD” from Projekt. 2000 were printed in a 5″ cardboard wallet, in August 2001 — and we ran out by the end of December!
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