10 Projekt CDs for $25 (2014 box)

This 2014 box is sold out, but you can get a 2017 Clearance Box by following the instructions on this page


Projekt has tons of overstock CDs in our storage space: wonderful music that longs to be heard! Help us clean up the place, and receive hours of enjoyment at the same time! $25 gets you 10 random Projekt CDs: a surprise selection of amazing Projekt music.

This offer is limited, order your box today!

Important shipping note: Because there are 10 CDs in this package, it is more heavy than your average single item in our store, and is expensive to ship outside of the USA. You will receive a separate email with the additional $$$ amount required to cover the cost of postage. For USA orders, first class shipping is not available.

• 10 CDs in the box. This is a darkwave-focused package: at least 7 of the 10 CDs will be darkwave / ethereal / shoegaze etc. The others will be ambient / electronic.
• These boxes are pre-made from overstock CDs. We cannot put specific titles in for you. We pick the albums you receive.
• All barcodes are struck.
• CDs will NOT be in jewel boxes (this saves you postage). Some CDs are in digipaks or ecoWallets.
• If you purchased last year’s 2013 clearance box, at least 50% of these are duplicates. Bear that in mind. No refunds.
• If you purchased the 10 for $25 package directly from Sam in May 2014, this is from the same batch; your box will contain the same titles. Bear that in mind. No refunds.
• If you purchase two boxes, you will get the same titles twice. Bear that in mind. No refunds.
• No refunds or replacements except if you receive a defective title. Then you will be issued a $2 refund.

Weight 1 lbs


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