LYCIA | 4 CD Box Set


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1 Cull
2 Fifth Sun
3 Sky And Sea
4 Fall Down In The Sun
5 End Day Again
6 We Sleep In Winter
7 North Town
8 The Dreaming Body

1 Quiet Moments
2 The Visitor
3 The Pier
4 Antarctica
5 Greenland
6 Grand Rapids
7 Spring Trees
8 The Wind Sings
9 Dead Leaves Fall
10 Dead Star, Cold Star
11 The Soil Is Dead

1 In Flickers
2 A Failure
3 The Path
4 She
5 25 Years
6 Mist
7 34 Palms
8 Rewrite
9 Late Night Solitude
10 Autumn Into Winter

1 The Fall Back
2 Monday Is Here
3 Silver Leaf
4 A Trade Out
5 Blue
6 An Awakening
7 The Rain
8 Bright Like Stars
9 The Light Room
10 Illuminate
11 A Ghost Ascends
12 Hiraeth
13 Autumn Moon
14 The Only Way Through Is Out


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The ultra-limited LYCIA | 4 4CD box set contains 2010’s Fifth Sun*, 2013’s Quiet Moments*, 2015’s A Line That Connects and 2018’s In Flickers. All four recent LYCIA albums are in DigiPaks with no additional booklets or music. *Fifth Sun and Quiet Moments are only available at this time in the boxset. This limited edition release is a preOrder. If you want one, your order today!

For customers who bought In Flickers on CD last year, the USA Webstore is making this hard box available as a 3CD set, It does not include In Flickers… but it’s the same box, so there’s a space to put your copy in the box. This is not available from the European store.

Also getting a reprint:
T-shirts from IONIA and and A LINE THAT CONNECTS’ Silver Leaf.

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4CD Box, 3CD Box


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