LYCIA | 4 CD Box Set


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1 Cull
2 Fifth Sun
3 Sky And Sea
4 Fall Down In The Sun
5 End Day Again
6 We Sleep In Winter
7 North Town
8 The Dreaming Body

1 Quiet Moments
2 The Visitor
3 The Pier
4 Antarctica
5 Greenland
6 Grand Rapids
7 Spring Trees
8 The Wind Sings
9 Dead Leaves Fall
10 Dead Star, Cold Star
11 The Soil Is Dead

1 In Flickers
2 A Failure
3 The Path
4 She
5 25 Years
6 Mist
7 34 Palms
8 Rewrite
9 Late Night Solitude
10 Autumn Into Winter

1 The Fall Back
2 Monday Is Here
3 Silver Leaf
4 A Trade Out
5 Blue
6 An Awakening
7 The Rain
8 Bright Like Stars
9 The Light Room
10 Illuminate
11 A Ghost Ascends
12 Hiraeth
13 Autumn Moon
14 The Only Way Through Is Out


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The ultra-limited LYCIA | 4 4CD box set contains 2010’s Fifth Sun*, 2013’s Quiet Moments*, 2015’s A Line That Connects and 2018’s In Flickers. All four recent LYCIA albums are in DigiPaks with no additional booklets or music. *Fifth Sun and Quiet Moments are only available at this time in the boxset.

For customers who bought In Flickers on CD last year, the USA Webstore is making this hard box available as a 3CD set, It does not include In Flickers… but it’s the same box, so there’s a space to put your copy in the box. This is not available from the European store.

Also reprinted: T-shirts from IONIA and and A LINE THAT CONNECTS’ Silver Leaf.

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4CD Box, 3CD Box


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