black tape for a blue girl: To touch the milky way (CD/LP) (pre-Order, shipping mid-November)




“…striving to take hold of the life they have left unlived”

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1. I close my eyes and watch the galaxy turning (part i + ii) 09:00
2. Does anything remain? (part iII + iV) 09:59
3. In my memories 03:37
4. the Stars 04:42
5. On some faraway beach 02:53
6. All of the things i wanted 04:37
7. To touch the milky way 08:12


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“Reconnect with and reflect on the larger legacy of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s emotive whirlwind.” –

To Touch the Milky Way is art rock in the most orgasmic sense. Danielle Herrera has such a gothic sexuality to her performance.” – Infrared Magazine

Ethereal, evocative, powerful and introspective, Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 12th studio album To touch the milky way expands upon their sweeping Art Rock aesthetic. Utilizing multiple genres and instrumentations as elements to shape a larger conceptual work, the eclectic, modernist approach refreshes BlackTape’s pioneering musical sentiments while maintaining the unique originality of their sound. Captivating vocals from Danielle Herrera and Michael Plaster accent songwriter and bandleader Sam Rosenthal’s electro-acoustic atmospherics and foreboding, engaging lyricism. A contemplative twilight hangs over these seven tracks.

As the premier artist on the Projekt record label he founded in the early 80s, Rosenthal has been a tireless creator of new sounds. Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles to Chicago to Brooklyn, Rosenthal recently settled into Portland, Oregon where he’s written and released more music in the last 4 years than in the prior 15.

This creative energy led to an album encompassing powerful personal and transpersonal themes. There’s a yearning for connection to a truer understanding of self and our potential — letting go of façade and fears, obstacles which hold us back. The lyrics emerge from the depths of the psyche addressing a desire to feel truly alive by overcoming self-imposed boundaries. They are first-person narratives at the edge where something has to give, something has to change, as the characters strive to take hold of the life they have left unlived. “I close my eyes and watch the galaxy turning” and the title track explore a consciousness-expanding understanding of the cyclical nature of existence mixed with a hunger for something eternal beyond this reality.

Non-binary porn star Mercy West portrays the androgynous alien traveler in Rosenthal’s cover photography. The deluxe crowdfunded edition, downloadable booklet, and CD booklet contain 10 pages of striking photos the duo shot at locations throughout Oregon. Rosenthal explains, “The photos externalize the feelings of isolation, alienation and longing of the lyrics. Mercy’s character is a stark representation of our struggles, lost within a larger self-defined world that work to limit our true nature.”

Rosenthal’s electronics, harmonium, piano, and acoustic guitar form an intimate backdrop for Herrera’s ethereal, tender, heartfelt voice and Plaster’s breathy, sensitive vocals. The emotionally-charged pieces are enhanced with appearances from drummer Brian Viglione (of The Dresden Dolls), violist Nick Shadow, and multi-instrumentalist Chase Dobson. The title track features electric guitar from Walter Holland of Californian 80s space rock band Amber Route.

Closing on a sorrowful but moving note, the arpeggiated piano of the title track slows to a crawl as we drift upon the alien landscape of the startling cover imagery. To touch the milky way is a goal that might remain beyond reach; however by interpreting Sam’s lyrical suggestions, we’re encouraged to reach for it nevertheless, grasping for all that might be attainable during our brief time under the existential glow of a fading sun.

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Release Year

Credits and Digital Booklet

downloadable digital booklet with lyrics and imagery

danielle herrera, michael plaster, nick shadow, brian viglione & sam rosenthal

I close my eyes and watch the galaxy turning
michael: vocals
sam: electronics & harmonium
shadow: viola, pt ii

Does anything remain?
danielle: vocals
sam: electronics & harmonium
brian: percussion

In my memories
michael: vocals
sam: piano, electronics, spoken vocals & backing vocals
danielle: backing vocals

the Stars
danielle: vocals
sam: acoustic guitars & electronics
chase dobson: electric guitars & drum programming
brian: bass

On some faraway beach
danielle: vocals
sam: electronics & piano
shadow: viola

All of the things I wanted
michael: vocals
sam: acoustic guitars, electronics & backing vocals
danielle: backing vocals
brian: drums

To touch the milky way
michael: vocals
sam: piano & electronics
walter holland: electric guitars

executive producers:
marcos costa santos carreira, scott moen, & tristan payne

mastering sponsors:
nicholas maryol, & brian waters

this album wouldn’t have been possible if not for the generosity of all who supported this release at kickstarter and our bandcamp patrons.

written, produced and recorded by sam.
recorded in the lush garden 2017-18, portland, or; except for michael at yttrium audio, phoenix, az; brian at parlor studio, nyc, ny; danielle “faraway beach” at burning halo studios, miami, fl; chase at 1156 hq, denver, co; walter at dr. hunter’s sanitarium, san diego, ca. mastered by howard givens at spotted peccary studios nw, portland, or.

photography & graphic design by sam
the model is mercy west

©seireenien music, bmi


  1. padmin

    From Infrared Magazine
    In my last review, I was talking about the impact of Pretty Hate Machine in 1989. Was the world ready for it? Did the world at that time really know how to take something so bleak and disturbing? You can add Black Tape for a Blue Girl in this discussion. In the 80’s, the music landscape was so wide. Bands like Leather Nun and Jesus and the Mary Chain was the college radio buzz. Other bands like REM, U2 and Simple Minds would get out of the college radio scene and go mainstream. Black Tape for a Blue Girl was that band that haunted you. It was the middle of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Sonic Youth. It was a band that you knew when you heard a song, that song would stick with you. Sam Rosenthal was the constant. Not sure if constant would be the proper term, maybe visionary. This is a band that has always stuck to its guns. No matter what trend or flavor popped up, they just produced this powerful yet haunting journey that each cd would send you on. 12 cds and close to 35 years, the band still just feels so unique and fresh. To Touch the Milky Way is art rock in the most orgasmic sense. Danielle Herrera has such a gothic sexuality to her performance. Does Anything Remain (part 3 and 4) is such a haunting piece. I am not sure if they were aiming for operetic, but the sound they have on this song is so epic. Each word the woman says feels so epic and dream like. The same can be said about The Stars as well.

    The music has so many layers that it feels like much more than a bunch of songs that were compiled for a release. This feels like a band that was taking a journey and wanted all of us to come along. Much like the Dead Can Dance cd last month, this cd feels like it was always here and we just did not know. This cd gives me such a sense of belonging and personalized joy. It awakes the music fan in me to appreciate a band that puts all their hearts and souls on the table and dares the listener to do the same. The lyrics come across with such an importance that it is easy to see why this band never fails their fanbase and most critics. Michael Plaster also delivers on the vocals as well. He is constantly being complemented by Sam and the rest of the band. His vocals do harken back to the 80’s dimension of this band. He has such a delivery that reminds you of where this band has been and where it is still at. In a world of bubble gum pop and bands that are here today and gone today, this is a band that just makes such an impactful statement.

    This cd is engaging, inviting, patient, melancholy and emotionally seductive. To say , this is the best album of the year is not fair. The year is not up. This album is the reason I hate the digital age. I have to own this cd. If you are a fan of the band, that last statement is for you also. This is not a music file on a phone or a fucking stolen link. This is artwork, this is a band giving their passion and a passion I will play many times before I go to bed tonight. I love this cd so much, this band has yet to fail me. I know most critics use words to make them look smart and frown upon showing fandom. I am not them thank god. I have no words to make me look smart but I have a passion for great bands. This is a great band.

    9 out of 10

  2. padmin

    From For All And None Blog
    from its inception music from the empty quarter and the glorious output of projekt records were intertwined. a constant stream of fully-focused, mesmeric and passionate music graced the pages throughout its existence, none more so than those sounds from the unrivalled label maker and his own black tape for a blue girl project. for those unaware and ease of description, this gathering of ever-changing vocalists and musicians have been producing astonishing soul-drenched harmonies in the area of this mortal coil since 1986. as with ivo’s landmark 4ad recordings, the one constant is its creative mind at the core. btfabg is sam rosenthal. figurehead, writer, producer and tear-duct sponsor. of course, it’s a generalisation to face-off black tape and tmc in a mirror. indeed, projekt and 4ad could be likewise, but if that is the nudge anyone needs to give this work more than a cursory glance then so be it. these are no mere cover versions though. the thematics of life and love feed throughout all of sam’s output, naked and intensely exposed. to touch the milky way is his twelfth studio album. familiar delicate threads weave the atmosphere and its two chosen vocalists danielle herrera and michael plaster shimmer horizons. their voices exuding darkness and light amongst patterning hues of electronics, piano, harmonium and other elements. there is always a diversity of textural tones within black tape. on this album ranges orchestral cascades, sweeping drones, lush driving melodics and searing dramatic art-rock, all underpinned by trademarked deep-rooted ambience. lyrically here sam is exploring deep personal feelings of self, unshackling from normalities to achieve and move beyond wasted opportunities, potential and mere existence. past shared experience, moments re-lived and the longing to move forward without inbuilt societal repression. seven tracks switch between the warm, caressing tones of michael and sensual breath of danielle. the sadness she portrays on does anything remain? is enough to break the blackest of hearts; “does anything remain through all the mistakes and all the wasted years, i try to forget myself”, whilst plaster momentarily rages “joy, hate, sex, thirst, longing, pain, passion, i think i want to feel alive” over all of the things i wanted which reminds a little of the emotional perfect pop of ian mcnabb’s icicle works. part of the triumph of btfabg has always been the deliberate switching of vocalists and even though i feel i’ve been touched by this record virtually all of my life it reveals unsurpassed intimacy. there is happiness in its openness and the closing lines offer hope “why do we fight, and love and die? on my back in the dust with my eyes on the wheel of the milky way. so the infinite can know itself. we are awake for the infinite to know itself”. very few artists would lay themselves as bare. sam was one of the first people to engage with the empty quarter and support our endeavours and it pleases me beyond words that he continues to record and thrive as a musician and label under these harsh industry climates. the fact he does is testament to his pride and quality of material he publishes. long may that continue until we are all wiry old flesh rattling bones into the cosmos.

  3. padmin

    From Lux Atenea

    El pasado viernes, día 2 de noviembre, fue presentado oficialmente el nuevo álbum de Black Tape For A Blue Girl titulado To Touch The Milky Way. Sus fieles seguidores que venimos disfrutando de la legendaria obra musical de Black Tape For A Blue Girl desde el comienzo de su carrera musical (álbum “The Rope”, Projekt, PRO20, 1986; CD original ya reseñado en Lux Atenea Webzine), estamos de enhorabuena con esta contundente y espectacular demostración de vanguardia musical y de innovación conceptual dentro de la escena cultural underground actual. Sam Rosenthal, alma máter de Black Tape For A Blue Girl, con absoluta brillantez vuelve a mostrar su privilegiado talento en la composición y su alma artística pionera en cada uno de estos temas cuyo trasfondo existencial invita a la reflexión. Publicado a través del mítico sello discográfico estadounidense PROJEKT RECORDS dirigido por Sam Rosenthal, este impresionante álbum está disponible en formato digital, en una edición limitada de 1000 unidades en digipak CD de cuatro paneles y libreto de ocho páginas, y en una preciosa edición limitada de 300 unidades en LP 12” en vinilo blanco y marrón. To Touch The Milky Way viene engalanado con un magnífico diseño creado por Sam Rosenthal, haciendo uso de sus propias fotografías tras haber tenido como modelo a Mercy West. Su impactante portada de trasfondo metafórico, con la figura del andrógino como pilar simbólico principal, presenta al individuo con características espirituales a la hora de armonizarlo en este desolado e inhóspito entorno. Pero el individuo no está integrado en este luminoso e inescrutable mundo, sino expectante, tratando de entender lo que le rodea, de ahí el mensaje existencial que transmite nítidamente esta imagen. En el álbum To Touch The Milky Way, Black Tape For A Blue Girl ha podido contar con la colaboración de artistas profesionales de prestigio como Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls) con la batería y el bajo, el violinista Nick Shadow, el instrumentista Chase Dobson, el guitarrista Walter Holland (Amber Route), y los sublimes vocalistas Michael Plaster y Danielle Herrera. Vertebrado por siete excelsos temas, a nivel técnico, quisiera destacar el extraordinario trabajo de masterización realizado por Howard Givens, convirtiendo la audición del álbum To Touch The Milky Way en una auténtica delicia musical. ¡¡¡Black Tape For A Blue Girl en estado puro!!! Sin más demora, nos sumergimos en la atmósfera solemne del primer tema “I Close My Eyes And Watch The Galaxy Turning (part I + II)” de textura sonora dark-ambient, abriéndose lentamente como un ritual de trascendencia mientras la voz de Michael Plaster va revelando una realidad incomprensible para el Ego, para el individuo, para el alma encarnada que anhela volver a su verdadero mundo mirando al universo. Mirando la colosal rueda del tiempo imparable en su movimiento circular que siempre retornará a su punto inicial, mientras el ser con consciencia despertada no deja de preguntarse el sentido de su existencia. Con el dark-ambient inicial evolucionando hacia un estilo ambient con planos sonoros atmosféricos, las pinceladas instrumentales de esencia ritual darán ese trasfondo existencial a esta excelsa composición final que nos llevará directamente hasta el tema “Does anything remain? (part III + IV)”, donde el registro de voz de Danielle Herrera es perfecto para transmitir estas sensaciones propias del individuo solitario inseguro de todo, incluso de sí mismo. Los pasajes melódicos del armonio, en manos de Sam Rosenthal, adquieren ese halo reflexivo a través de una espiritualidad tan frágil como el spleen decadentista siempre bailando existencialmente al borde del abismo, quedando éste recreado musicalmente en el dinámico plano de percusión interpretado por las expertas manos de Brian Viglione. ¡¡¡“Does anything remain?”, delicatessen musical!!!

    La esencia artística de Black Tape For A Blue Girl tendrá su continuidad en el maravilloso tema “In My Memories”, con el piano como maestro de ceremonias instrumental de esta canción melancólica donde la voz de Michael Plaster y los coros de Danielle Herrera y Sam Rosenthal, crean este entorno de radiante riqueza cromática en su cautivadora alma musical. Calor, recuerdos, amor… en el pasado, traen consigo el anhelo, la sensación de que se vivió algo único, irrepetible, y que no aparecerá más a lo largo del resto de la existencia, creando con ello la sensación de vacuidad vital a través de una llama interior que se va apagando poco a poco sin que se pueda hacer nada. Música atmosférica de corte etéreo y elegante neoclasicismo de auténtico lujo en esta segunda década del siglo XXI. Posteriormente, “The Stars” dará continuidad a la presencia del amor pero desde una perspectiva terrenal y humana que mira al cielo, al universo. La luminosidad melódica e instrumental que caracteriza a Black Tape For A Blue Girl en sus composiciones, estará presente en este tema tanto a nivel instrumental como vocal en esta ocasión, con la suave voz de Danielle Herrera fluyendo como el éter divino que irradia vida. En su preciosa lírica, los melómanos lectores de Lux Atenea Webzine quedarán sorprendidos con el trasfondo filosófico y metafísico que transmite, partiendo de la base de la imperfección humana, de su falta de armonía intrínseca, y de su constante sensación de inseguridad vital en un mundo que siempre le resulta incomprensible en su raíz más profunda. En definitiva, el amor como elemento salvífico, el ser asumiendo la imperfección de la condición humana, y su mirada esperanzadora al cielo en busca de la verdadera razón de su vida. Danielle Herrera seguirá proyectando la magia lírica en el tema “On Some Faraway Beach”, pero esta canción es muy introspectiva, incluso tan implacablemente dura como el individuo solitario de cuerpo tatuado con las cicatrices que da la vida, y que analiza sus actos y los hechos a través del juicio sumarísimo que hacen consigo mismas las almas perdidas. Aquí, el neoclasicismo es superlativo en cuanto a su grandeza artística, siendo el piano y la viola los que definan melódicamente su cuerpo musical con tan irresistible hechizo emocional. “On Some Faraway Beach” tiene luz, pero esa luz intensa que deslumbra y hacer perder el sentido y la orientación al ser. Y del neoclasicismo llegaremos a lo atmosférico fusionado con el post-rock en el tema “All Of The Things I Wanted”, de nuevo, con Sam Rosenthal y Danielle Herrera creando estos coros a Michael Plaster cuya intensidad interpretativa es mucho mayor, encontrándose mucho más cómodo en este nivel de registro sonoro que en los temas anteriores. El tempo marcado por Brian Viglione a la batería… ¡¡¡maravilloso!!! Por puro placer, repito varias veces la audición del tema “All Of The Things I Wanted”, antes de que To Touch The Milky Way extienda el telón de clausura de esta nueva obra maestra musical de Sam Rosenthal lacrada con el sello Black Tape For A Blue Girl. En To Touch The Milky Way, todo se vuelve belleza sublime y, por este motivo, el ser trasciende y ve elevado su plano existencial en pro de lo universal. Lo terrenal deja de tener sentido, y lo universal se convierte en un deseo casi al alcance de la mano en cuanto el individuo alza sus brazos al cielo y los abre, abrazando al universo en este acto, en este ritual, en este intento de armonización con el Todo. De ahí el vibrante plano melódico para piano de este tema que bajará su protagonismo a un segundo plano en cuanto la voz de Michael Plaster aparezca, siendo el perfilamiento sonoro de la guitarra eléctrica de Walter Holland en tono lánguido, lo que recree esa disolución del Ego cuanto más se acerca el plano existencial del ser a lo universal, a lo divino. To Touch The Milky Way, el mágico hechizo musical de Sam Rosenthal en su estado de creatividad más virtuoso y cautivador. ¡¡¡Disfrútenlo!!! -Felix V. Diaz

  4. padmin

    From I Die: You Die

    2016’s These Fleeting Moments wasn’t just one of the highlights of the year, it was also a chance for us to reconnect with and reflect on the larger legacy of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s emotive whirlwind. We’re very pleased to be able to offer a premiere from that record’s follow-up, the title track from the forthcoming To Touch The Milky Way. Black Tape/Projekt mastermind Sam Rosenthal describes the track as a rumination on the tension between permanence and mortality. The song’s narrator thinks “about their connection to the things that mattered and once seemed so urgent, wondering why. Why did we do this? Why do we still do this? Is there something more than pain and dirt and sorrow? I picture them reaching up, hand at arm’s length, the stars in the distance between their fingers. I see the futility of trying to touch the milky way, but it’s a human attempt to grasp more than what is within our reach, grasping for all that might be attainable during our brief time under the existential glow of life.” Rosenthal tapped early Black Tape contributor Walter Holland to bring his space rock roots to bear on the track’s guitar work, “representing something rich, and chaotic, and authentic and filled with hunger; the music of the character’s civilization, singing through time.” Stay tuned to this site for further thoughts on To Touch The Milky Way.

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