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Forrest Fang: Following the ether sun (CD)

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1 On the Edge of a Moment
2 Midnight Rain
3 Chiaroscuro
4 The Last Technicolor Dream
5 Hinterlands
6 Receding Pool
7 A River In Retrograde
8 Left of the Sky


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Limited edition of 300.

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“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” – Sir Francis Bacon

Synthesist/multi-instrumentalist Forrest Fang’s mesmerizing and emotive electronic-ambience glides upon hypnotizing impressionistic floating formations. Spacemusic, world music and deep atmospheric zones combine and organically dissipate into a flow of drifting vapor trails. With a rich range of unconventional acoustic instruments, the 73-minute album is a fascinatingly filigreed multi-layered work.

Virtuoso Chinese-American sound-shaper Fang moves from the aquatic depths of his previous release, 2016’s The Sleepwalker’s Ocean, into the open sky of Following the Ether Sun. The result is a refined hybrid of Western and Eastern influences: a complex imaginary world of mysterious yet engaging melodies, textures, and rhythms.

“This release grew out of my work on ‘Sleepwalker,'” says Fang. “I developed several rhythmic ideas that I ultimately shaped into a larger sonic environment filled with ambient and ethnic touches. The sounds are both acoustic and electric, some treated, others not, but with an open-endedness I associate with the continuous sky above. In this space, the ‘ether sun’ represents a personal ideal or goal that I continuously try to attain but never quite reach. The fun is in following it and trying to harness its energy and warmth, if only for a short time.”

Besides synthesizer, violin, and an array of hand-based percussion instruments, Fang also plays uncommon stringed instruments such as the dan bau (Vietnamese one-stringed monochord), cumbus (Turkish lute), Japanese palm harp and kora (African lyre).

Forrest Fang has conjured a fantastical auditory realm which unites ever-shifting soundworlds through a distinctive global approach.

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