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A Dark Cabaret (2005)
1. Coin-Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls
2. Sometimes, Sunshine by Revue Noir | 30 second MP3
3. Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy | 30 second MP3
4. Gemini Girly Song by Katzenjammer Kabarett | 30 second MP3
5. Pretty Faces by Nicki Jaine
6. Simon’s Sleeping by Pretty Balanced
7. Knock Three Times (Skinny Kinda Mix) by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
8. Audience to the End by The Brides
9. Flowers by Rozz Williams
10. True Love by ThouShaltNot | 30 second MP3

Revue Noir: Anthology Archive
(featuring Nicki Jaine & Sam Rosenthal)

The Released tracks
1 The Gravediggers
2 Amsterdam
3 A Girl, A Smoke
4 Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide
5 Sometimes, Sunshine
The Archive
6 I have no more answers
7 A Girl, A Smoke REHEARSAL
8 All Tomorrow’s Parties LIVE
9 Alabama Song LIVE
10 Strange Little Show
11 Sunshine IV
12 She is the Madman

Katzenjammer Kabarett: (debut)
1 Intro
2 Gemini girly song
3 Genuine, a fantastic revue
4 Lie sucks not
5 8 & 9
6 Katzenjammer kids
7 Down the stairs
8 Nevermore brothel
9 Bal manekinow
10 Mr Price
11 The crowd around
12 Eve at the mansion

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A special-priced bundle of Projekt’s three remarkable Dark Cabaret releases. This is what you need, to really immerse yourself in this exciting sound!

A Dark Cabaret 2

Well, my pretties, what have we here? It’s the long-awaited follow-up to Projekt’s compilation, A Dark Cabaret. Huzzah! Selling over 15,000 units, that 2005 release introduced the world to the Dark Cabaret genre, drawing on the aesthetics of decadent, risqué German Weimar-era cabarets, burlesque and Vaudeville shows mashed with the stylings of post-1970s goth and punk music. Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal coined the “Dark Cabaret” term in the late 90s, and thus he is the ideal person to compile A Dark Cabaret 2, a delightfully dark and delicious collection featuring 12 artists: fan favorites and new acts soon to be legendary.

Revue Noir: Anthology Archive

The dramatic collaboration between dark cabaret chanteuse Nicki Jaine and Black tape for a blue girl leader Sam Rosenthal. Residing somewhere between rock, cabaret and torch singer, Nicki’s captivating performance embodies the decadence and sorrow that filled the nights of pre-WWII Europe. Her direct, passionate delivery implores, seduces and screams out, setting a mood of desire and despair.

Katzenjammer Kabarett: (debut)

Fronted by the charming, seductive Mary Komplikated, this Parisian act refer to themselves as “Deathrock Cabaret,” though they might be more correctly classified as post-punk cabaret, for their influences can be found in styles from deathrock, baroque, new-wave, electronic to classical. “They have such a sparkling feel for precocious darkness that they’re positively divine.” – Mick Mercer.

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