Mira: There I Go Daydreamer (CD)

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    Disc 1:
  1. say when
  2. pieces | MP3
  3. highs in the lows
  4. adrift
  5. no other way
  6. long division
  7. window seat
  8. reset
  9. heavenly slumber
  10. passerby | MP3
  11. nearest exit
  12. hinterland
    Disc 2:
  1. No Other Way (Alternate Mix)
  2. Todd Space Is My Day Job
  3. Bob Seger (Say When Demo)
  4. 900 Turbo (Pieces Demo)
  5. Club Song (Highs In the Lows Demo)
  6. Blah Da (Adrift Demo)
  7. Jazz Song (No Other Way Demo)
  8. 70’s Song (Long Division Demo)
  9. Bass Song (Window Set Demo)
  10. 4-6 (Reset Demo)
  11. Bouncy Song (Heavenly Slumber Demo)
  12. French Song (Passerby Demo)
  13. Yellow Jacket (Nearest Exit Demo)
  14. Tension Song (Hinterland Demo)

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Their third album is now available at iTunes with a bonus disc containing the original demos of the album.

Driving shoegazer with sensual female vocal. In 2005, Mira returned for their final album; their most focused, mature, and fully realized release. There I go daydreamer is a testament documenting the band’s attention to detail, ear for texture, and desire to capture the intensity of their live shows. From the unnerving guitars of the album opener “Say When,” Regina immediately sets the tone: “I’ve drawn the line, walked it too many times.” Thus begins the daydreamer journey, taking the listener through fear, hope, and catharsis as Regina poses and plays with the questions plaguing her. Never before has she been so open and candid in her lyrics. The album shifts from danceable hits such as the shoegazey and spacey “Highs in the Lows,” and the brief, but brilliant, drive of “Heavenly Slumber” to grand epics like the heavy folk stylings of “Long Division” and the bombastic “Nearest Exit” from which the album is named. In the midst of all of this are the most crystalline and brilliant songs Mira has written, from the jazzy feel of “No Other Way,” to one of the album’s greatest songs, the sparse and ghostly beautiful “Adrift.” “Hinterland,” the album’s closer, is a return to the tension out of which the album began, returning Regina to her questions, searching for a brave face. The lines “inside a cave I will hibernate / when the seasons change I will not even wake” are some of the most painful, as the album builds, explodes, and collapses under its own weight. This latest album from Mira, more than any other, establishes the band at the forefront of the current darkwave/shoegaze/post-punk revival, and cements their place in the annals as one of the best of the bunch, not only on Projekt records, but also across the whole of music today. Absolutely brilliant, an instant classic.

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