Soulwhirlingsomewhere: Please sennd help (CD)

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  1. the wedding
  2. nani
  3. aileron
  4. salt angel
  5. shivering fox
  6. you stutter when you sleep
  7. box
  8. the sun in braids
  9. in on
  10. little gaze
  11. gaze
  12. happy valley
  13. i give up. goodbye.

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i attach too easily and it just leaves me empty.

Infused with the heartbreak of David Sylvian, the musical sensitivity of Harold Budd, the piercing lyrical inquisition of black tape for a blue girl, and the personal insight of a man reflecting on the past five years of failure, Soulwhirlingsomewhere’s please sennd help is a strikingly personal album of acute soul-searching and self-awareness.

please sennd help – Soulwhirlingsomewhere’s 4th Projekt release since their 1993 debut – is driven by Michael Plaster’s delicate voice, atop an exquisite web of reverbed piano melodies, ambiently processed guitars and drifting electronic synthscapes. It’s an elegant environment, where a sense of realization and discovery prevails.

Michael explains where this new collection of songs originated… “Most of please sennd help was written between 1996 and 1998; about a few relationships I jumped into too quickly. In 2000 – when I began to finally record the songs – they started to take on a different angle. In retrospect, maybe things weren’t as wonderful as I had tried to fool myself into believing; and maybe their endings weren’t as traumatic as I had felt at the time. Ultimately all I had done was spend a few years trying to fill a hole in my life; a void inside me that I still haven’t figured out how to fill.”

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