Lowsunday: Elesgiem (CD) (50% OFF)

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  1. wallpaper room
  2. she follows rain
  3. zuff
  4. magic memory
  5. elevate her
  6. shine. . .
  7. . . .to sleep
  8. alone without
  9. human
  10. closer closer
  11. daystar
  12. disassembly

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lowsunday’s elesgium is glorious. Owing their most significant debt to Modern English, the songs on elesgium average about five minutes in length and make no concessions to post-Talk Talk (or post-Talk Talk Talk) production techniques. Their guitars conjure visions of ripples spreading from a pebble’s point of impact at the center of a pond, while their vocalist wholeheartedly rejects the self-defeating irony that made the ’90s such a crashing bore and reaches for portentously huge, grandly echoing notes as ride-cymbals crash over and over. – insiderone.net

From Brit-influenced dreampop to shoegaze-inspired melancholia, Pittsburgh PA’s Lowsunday brings something new and refreshing to the darkwave scene. Their effortlessly smart and catchy songs tread the sonic waters with screeching guitars and layer upon layer of arsenic-laced melodies . . . crowned with bittersweet and emotive vocals. Compared to The Chameleons, Sound, Ride, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, Lowsunday presents Elesgiem, their second full-length release and debut for Projekt.

The Pittsburgh City Paper’s article on the Projekt debut of Elesgiem from these local heros.

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