Mira: Mira (CD)


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  1. alone
  2. cayman
  3. dry
  4. blister
  5. real
  6. even now
  7. truly
  8. when you sleep
  9. something ventured
  10. in the end

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“A guitar-heavy shoegaze backdrop over a beautiful female voice, hovering like a red angel and instilling both fear and devotion.” (BIG TAKEOVER #44)

Mira drift on a wave of dreamy melodies and floating female vocals. Ripples of guitars swell against shores of gently flowing pop rhythms, undulating in a surging, shoegazer undercurrent. Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Projekt’s newest discovery have smitten the ear of all who have heard their music. Enamored with their refreshing innocence and simplicity, their growing fanbase eagerly anticipates this, Mira’s self-titled debut.

”Mira is on fire. Lead vocalist Regina’s vocals effortlessly burn and bang through the myriad of soothing audio soundscapes like a red hot hammer, hitting the nail on the head at every pounding. If you thought the days of becoming addicted to a new band after the very first listen were over – guess again.” (FRIGHT X MAGAZINE)

Mira A Floridian light in the darkwave tunnel.

Listening to the melancholy songs of Mira, it’s hard to believe the band reside in Tallahassee, Florida. Sun, fun and college parties don’t usually encourage somber introspection, but away from the local clubs and bars featuring hard rock and ska bands, Mira’s wounded lyrics and lush guitars have attracted quite a following.

“I don’t really know why people like our songs,” says singer Regina Sosinski. “I think they identify with the emotion and the music, because we are definitely not a band people come and mosh to.”

The quartet’s eponymous debut (on Projekt) sounds more like a Slowdive-inspired soundtrack for nights of quiet contemplation. The swirling guitars of Tom Parker and Mark Davidson and the downtempo percussion of Alan Donaldson provide the backdrop for Sosinski’s yearning vocals.

“I tend to be more withdrawn, and that’s something I’ve been dealing with lately,” says the singer. “Trying to open up and tear down internal boundaries I have and realize we are all the same inside.”

After exploring the mournful depths of the human soul, what direction will Mira take next? “Our songs are getting happier,” Sosinski says. “I’m just not in a down period of my life now. The new stuff will be more about people and life.”
— David Slatton

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