Soulwhirlingsomewhere: Hope Was (2-CD)

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    disc 1
  1. everything was beautiful
  2. how to hang yourself
  3. yuma
  4. i will never let go
  5. there is no getting through
  6. when a person splits in two,
    where does the old half go?
  7. you’re a book i’ll never finish
  8. i should throw myself under a train
  9. when they emptied the sea
  10. strength is my weakness
  11. i am the last
  12. waking
  13. everyone will eventually leave you
    disc 2
  1. nothing is different/arkansas
  2. how to bury yourself
  3. the safety in overglorifying the past
  4. the last time i left
  5. when
  6. the hook through it
  7. s-qoia
  8. sonora/red
  9. unsleep
  10. the great barrier
  11. forget it. i give up. goodbye. i love you.

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Hope Was was re-released in a limited edition ecoWallet, quantity: 110
Now out of print (again).

When asked to summarize the feelings that went into making his newest album, Soul Whirling Somewhere’s sole member, Michael Plaster, summed it up with blunt honesty: “Hope Was is about not letting go, not being able to let go, not wanting to let go — ever.” A surrender to hopelessness and despair wrought by the inability to accept and move on after a relationship is over, this double-CD set explores longing and loss, panic and pain, sadness and self-absorbed misery. Energetic, jagged, uncomfortable acoustics are juxtaposed against serene, motionless electronics, becoming a schizophrenic backdrop and musical metaphor to the forlorn feelings expressed on Hope Was.

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2-CD in 6-panel EcoWallet.


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