Lycia: A Day in the Stark Corner (CD) (Out-of-Print)

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  1. And Through The Smoke and Nails
  2. Pygmallion
  3. The Body Electric
  4. Wide Open Spaces
  5. The Morning Breaks So Cold and Gray
  6. The Remnants and the RuIns
  7. Goddess of the Green Fields
  8. Everything is Cold
  9. Sorrow is Her Name
  10. Daphne

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On the follow-up to Ionia, Mike Van Portfleet continues his pursuit of an apocalyptic landscape of extremes in which rich gothic guitars and intense rhythms divulge a world of bleak desperation; with that unmistakeable unnerving whispered voice instilling true feelings of darkness.

An interview with Type-O Negative’s Peter Steele

AZ: I think the production on Bloody Kisses is a phenomenon!

PS: You should be familiar with Lycia. It’s dark, ambient goth music. The last album is called A Day In The Stark Corner. I would like our next album to sound something like this. It is the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard in my life. If I put it on in the morning when I get up…I’m useless for the rest of the day. Makes me feel like killing myself. It’s like why even bother getting dressed when I can just slit my wrists. Such simple hypnotic beats, everything is drowned in reverb. Yet, the emotion comes through so loud and clear. It’s just devastating, as beautiful as it is devastating. That’s how I want to come through.

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