Caprice: Girdenwodan Part 2

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1. Believe
2. Dingly Dell
3. Again
4. Heart In The Highlands
5. In The Rose’s Cup
6. Faithless Sally Brown
7. Enter Sandman
8. Winter Wonderland
9. I Do Not Like That!
10. The True Knowledge
11. Plumpuppets
12. She Walks In Beauty
13. Books
14. We Are All Faeries

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French Import – Digipack + booklet 16 pages limited to 500 pieces. Second part of the diptych, Caprice is back to the sources of Magic and Fairy music.

A year after the first part, Caprice finishes the beautiful fairy tale. For this second part, Caprice was particularly attached to the beauty of their sound and orchestrations in order to immerse us in a colorful world full of mysterious beauties. The lyrics (in English) from Stevenson, Byron, Wilde… evokes playfulness, fantasy and overflowing imagination of fairies, and marvelous creatures. Inna, the emblematic lead singer guides us through this adventure.

With its winds, harps and strings and an hypnotic piano, Caprice takes our hand and go with us to the other side of the mirror… in the Other World. Pieces of pure magic and musical quintessence, Girdenwodan part 2 is, with Elvenmusic 1, the most beautiful album ever done by Caprice. It evokes impulsive and living fairies as conceived the Russian spirit but also
melancholic, enigmatic as shown on the beautiful “Froud Style” cover of Marc Potts.

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