Corde Oblique: Volontà d’Arte Reissue

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1. Cantastorie
2. Amphiteatrum puteolanum
3. Casa hirta
4. Before Utrecht
5. Atheistc woman
6. Kaiowas
7. My harbour
8. Kunstwollen
9. Panneggio
10. Cuma
11. La pioggia sui tasti
12. Olhos cinzentos
13. Piazza Armerina

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French Import – Re-release of the long deleted, second CORDE OBLIQUE – Album from 2007, featuring a lot of illustrious guests such as Simone Salvatori (SPIRITUAL FRONT), but also members of ASHRAM, ARGINE, DWELLING and LVPERCALIA.

The second album by the Napolitan project is a masterpiece. Riccardo, the composer, plays classical guitar and medieval lute accompanied by female voices and lots of guest musicians. Enter a magical medieval romantic journey surrounded by fairy like female voices. A very special remark also deserves the simply mind-blowing, excellent acoustic ‘tribute’ cover-version of ‘Kaiowas’ from SEPULTURA’s album ‘chaos A.D’!

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