O Yuki Conjugate: The Euphoria of Disobedience


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  1. Noiseflaw 8:20 | MP3 Clib
  2. In Dreams, Perhaps 4:46 | MP3 Clib
  3. Slither 5:28 | MP3 Clib
  4. Binaryglow 2:14 | MP3 Clib
  5. Out Through the Skin 7:14 | MP3 Clib
  6. Tropospheric 4:47 | MP3 Clib
  7. Where She Goes at Night 4:17 | MP3 Clib
  8. Incomplete 1:23 | MP3 Clib
  9. Estuary 5:23 | MP3 Clib
  10. Sunlessglare 7:32 | MP3 Clib
  11. Dirty Roads 4:45 | MP3 Clib

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| English Import Hand-Numbered Limited Edition Ice Tile Digipak | Just one short decade after making their last album, UK ambient pioneers O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) release a new CD called The Euphoria of Disobedience (TEOD) on their OYC Limited label. This calls for a celebration, and indeed an explanation.

O Yuki Conjugate have released four studio albums and innumerable spin-off and side projects since their first gig in Nottingham in 1982. Currently in their third incarnation, the ever-youthful OYC have cancelled their hip replacements and are going all-out for superannuated ambient glory with their latest CD.

Started in 2002 and completed in late 2005, TEOD explores an area OYC have christened “dirty ambient” – multi layered, hyper textural and distinctly gritty. Less obviously ethnic than previous OYC releases, the perfumed garden of Eno’s classic ambience is replaced by rough edges, noxious odours and abrasive textures. The result is a jagged beauty.

OYC are releasing TEOD as a numbered limited edition of 1000 in a unique digipak fronted with a hand cast resin “ice tile.”

The release of TEOD marks a new period of activity for the group. Their entire back catalogue is currently being made available as downloads from iTunes and their website. OYC are also working on at least one follow-up album provisionally scheduled for release in late 2006.

The track “In Dreams, Perhaps” from TEOD featured in Paul McGuigan’s 2006 top ten film “Lucky Number Slevin” and was included on the official soundtrack album released by Warner Bros. in 2006.

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