Die Form: Schaulust (LTD EP)


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1. Schaulust (Scopic Pulsion)
2. Schaulust (Extended Remix)
3. From Dreams to Machines (Remix)
4. Zoanthropia (Remix)

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German ImportSchaulust is a German term for the often compulsive craving to watch something. The new single from legendary French Fetish-Art-Electro-project Die Form addresses the hidden voyeur in all of us, the little demon that is leering just below the surface to pop out and gloat over moments of great beauty or extreme horror. Schaulust is a fascinating dance floor-compatible sonic sculpture comprised of erotic coldness, hard rhythms, room-filling synthesizer soundscapes and impulsive analog sequencers, a seamless continuation of Die Form’s great cult classics like “Bite of God,” which are still mandatory plays at any underground-disco.

With a minimalist electronic approach and the mesmerizing interplay between mastermind Fichot’s harsh vocals and the pure angelic voice of Éliane P., the French band creates a kind of hypnotic pull that is instantly captivating. The MCD is limited to 696 copies and contains the title track in a “Scopic Pulsion”-single-mix and a clubby Extended Remix, plus exclusive remixes of new songs “From Dreams to Machines” and “Zoanthropia.” The new single from one of the most influential bands of the European electronic underground is a must-own for fans and an exquisite appetizer for the upcoming album Rayon X, which will be released soon.

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