Faderhead: FH-X (CD)


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1. Generation Black
2. Electrosexual
3. The Silence Around Me
4. Escape Gravity
5. Hate With A Smile
6. No Gods, No Flags, No Bullshit
7. This Nothing
8. Bootydrive (On)
9. Like A Rocket
10. Home Of The Creeps
11. The Future’s Not The Past

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German Import-After a well deserved two year break, Faderhead finally returns with his 8th studio album. And because ten years have passed since the release of his debut album “FH1”, the new record is called “FH-X” (the “X” being the roman numeral for “10”). Musically “FH-X” is the end of the first and the beginning of the next decade of Faderhead and features Electro-, Synthpop- and EBM-tracks in Faderhead’s unmistakeable sound. Enticingly recognizable from the first note, there is a noticeable evolution as “FH-X” sounds more organic than the previous records. This can be attributed to the live drums (played by Motorjesus drummer, Oliver Beck) which are mixed into the classic Faderhead-beats and add another layer of groove and energy. Soundwise “FH-X” is by far the most mature Faderhead album. From classic club tracks like “Generation Black” and the DAC-number 1 hit “No Gods, No Flags, No Bullshit” to synthpop treasures like “The Silence Around Me” and “Escape Gravity” to more experimental songs like “The Future’s Not The Past”, which introduce a new side of Faderhead. The ease with which one musical style flows into the next is astounding, although in the end, the producer from Hamburg only continues to do what he does best: write great songs.

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