The Machine in the Garden: Out of the Mists

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1. Fates and Furies
2. Intrigue
3. The Unaware
4. Valentine
5. Oh Dear
6. Failure
7. Rusty Halos
8. Everything She Is
9. Wasted Time
10. Radiant
11. Her Face
12. Never Again
13. Fade

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An electronic/ethereal masterpiece from the duo of Summer Bowman and Roger Fracé. Featuring intense, sorrowful, almost operatic yet ghostly female vocals, the band’s fourth release explores a more European baroque, neo-classical sound yet still retains the darkwave aspects that defined the band’s sound on their previous albums. Out of the Mists takes listeners on a journey through the many musical facets of the band with thirteen delightful and powerful tracks. As a bonus it also contains an enhanced multimedia portion for both Mac and PC users which features a video for the haunting and melodic song “The Unaware”.

“Fates and Furies are upon us opening this CD an epic stormy intro. Summer Bowman’s voice has grown noticeably stronger since the Machine in the Garden’s previous release and the band has advanced beyond darkwave into some captivating new realms. The song “Rusty Halos” has a minimal sound, brightened with vibrant harmonies and sharp drum patterns. “Intrigues” creeps in, with mystical vocal layering and a dark, sinewy groove, while “The Unaware” continues twisting Middle eastern paths with some novel chanting and production. At midpoint in the CD, the acoustic ballad “Valentine” lets the vocals stand out in their pure form, as does “Every Thing She Is.” “Oh Dear” is the most beautifully stripped down track, a folk/ medieval a capella piece guided by sweetness and light. It rings out with an honesty that is rare, placing this band into a category of those who truly dare to reveal. The male vocals on the electro-based “Failure” are a nice transition, while “Wasted Time” is the perfect emotional finish, a song with powerful vocals and dreamy flute hovering over a simple keyboard melody. Hats off to Middle Pillar for another stellar release.” – The Sentamentalist Winter 2001

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