The Machine in the Garden: Shadow Puppets

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1. This Silence
2. The Inside World
3. Winter Fell
4. Mantra
5. Suspend
6. More Unto Fire Dreamt
7. Mother
8. Spider’s Bride
9. Illusions in Rain
10. If Ever
11. Goodbye

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Shadow Puppets, the fifth full-length release by the gothic/darkwave duo The Machine in the Garden is easily the band’s defining moment. A seamless amalgam of electronics, ethereal melodies and sensuous rhythms, the album is often very dynamic and anthemic, yet equally convincing when quiet and introspective. One of the returning signatures of the band has been singer Summer Bowman’s startling beautiful vocal performances. Summer brings an enchanting quality to her often haunting melodies which perfectly balances the strength of the guitars, the serenity of the open beats or the drama of a lone piano.

Alternative dance friendly tracks include “The Inside World”, “Spider’s Bride” and “Goodbye” while beautiful ballads such as “Winter Fell” and “More Unto Fire Dreamt” showcase Summer’s vocals. But the band also experiments – stretching their talents with unique electronic rhythm arrangements with tracks “Mantra”, “Mother” and “If Ever”. The track “Suspend”, which foreshadowed the album on the Eclectica Volume 2 compilation, has been expanded with aggressive guitars.

Shadow Puppets is set for release just in time for the band’s performance at Convergence 11 – an annual net-goth celebration, taking place in San Diego this year.

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