Sam Rosenthal: Tanzmusik (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)


    Face A:
  1. The Return
  2. We Remember
  3. Out Of The Clouds
  4. A Man Like This
  5. The Sky and The Calendar
  6. Lookout Point
  7. Alone
  8. Desert Island

    Face B:
  9. Round Trip (reprise)
  10. Year 90-10
  11. No Luck Today
  12. Forever Returning
  13. The Coming Fall
  14. They Came At Night


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Important shipping note: Vinyl is heavy and expensive to ship outside of the USA. You will receive a separate email with the additional $$$ amount required to cover the cost of postage. For USA orders, first class shipping is not available.

We have 50 copies of the Limited Vinyl Edition signed by Sam. Includes free download code! You purchase the vinyl copy here, when we process your order we will send you a download code to get a digital download in whatever format you choose at Bandcamp. You can use that link to listen to samples from the album.

| Italian Import | Mannequin is proud to announce the re-issue of one of the top minimal synth Holy Grails out there. This re-issue is released in an edition of only 500 copies; 100 of these are the limited edition. Projekt has gone a step further and created 50 copies that are even truer to the original artwork and are signed by Sam.

Tanzmusik is the first LP from Sam Rosenthal, boss of the historic Projekt Records label and mind of one of the most influential dark wave acts coming out of the US, Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Originally released in March 1985 and completely recorded at home on a four-track TEAC-2340 with a super minimal setup (Korg Poly 61, Realistic Moog, Boss Dr-110 and some effects), the vinyl release was limited to 250 copies, with a tannish card glued to a white LP jacket

The album continues in the “electronic mood-music” tradition established by Sam on the PROJEKT ELECTRONIC AMERIKA cassettes, with the added intriques of the drum-computer, exploring the realms of electronic music that the critics have compared to Tangerine Dream, O.M.D. and Brian Eno.

Sam writes:
Back in 1985, after three cassette-only releases of my solo electronic music, I released TANZMUSIK. It was my first and only solo vinyl release.

Well, fast forward about 25 years, and I was contacted by Alessandro Adriani at Italy’s Mannequin Records. He was telling me TANZMUSIK is a classic release in the Minimal Synth genre. And he wanted to reissue TANZMUSIK on vinyl.

Well wow, that sounded exciting!

I decided to remaster the album for this release. After getting the digitized tracks back from my mastering guy in Canada, I discovered it wasn’t the 2-track mix, but the 4-track multi-track recording. Wow! I thought the multis were long gone, but here they were, in pristine digital form! I remixed the album in my studio, staying true to the original. Though, sonically, the new mixes sound even more incredible than back in 1984!

The vinyl edition on Mannequin is 500 units. 100 were recreated to look like the original, with the card affixed to an LP jacket. I just got an email from Alessandro that he only has 50 copies left from the entire edition!

We have a box in the mail to Projekt with my copies. 15 of which are the limited edition version. Order fast and you can get one of those, and I’m signing them.

Sam Rosenthal is an American artist. He is the founder and leader of the band Black Tape For a Blue Girl and the record label Projekt Records (30th anniversary in 2013). He lives in Brooklyn with his son and cat. Black Tape for a Blue Girl, begin in 1986 after his move from Florida to California, serves as a vehicle for Rosenthal’s musical vision. Its signature combination of gothic, ethereal, ambient and neo-classical elements has explored existential themes of loves lost and passions yet to come. After his early electronic work represented on Tanzmusik, his music has grown into a full-fledged band, whose members revolve around Rosenthal’s subtle electronic foundation.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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