Kirlian Camera: Hologram Moon CD


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01. Holograms
02. Sky Collapse (feat. Eskil/Covenant)
03. Lost Islands
04. Polar-IHS (feat. Eskil/Covenant)
05. Helium 3
06. Kryostar
07. I don’t sing
08. The Storm
09. Eyes of the Moon
10. Equation Echo 01
11. Haunted River
12. Traveler’s Testament

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“Hologram Moon” is the first Kirlian Camera album after five years in which Elena Alice Fossi and Angelo Bergamini, amongst other things, engaged in their side project SPECTRA*paris. In October 2017, the duo returned with the spectacular single “Sky Collapse”, the title track of which was sung together with Covenant’s Eskil Simonsson. It dominated the German Alternative Charts for several weeks and keeps heating up German dance floors. However, “Sky Collapse” was only a portend of something more epic. The album “Hologram Moon” shows Kirlian Camera at the peak of their turbulent career. Dependent are going to release this hypnotic masterpiece in between pop, electronics and pathos on 4 different formats. Several compositions are bound to repeat the club success of “Sky Collapse”, be it “Eyes of the Moon”, “Traveler’s Testament” or “Polaris-IHS”, another collaboration with Eskil Simonsson. “Hologram Moon” is also fascinating due to its lyrics. The Italians are discussing a conspiracy theory that lent the album its title, suggesting that the moon is no harmless earth satellite but a visual hologram hiding an artificial, possibly alien construct. Merely guesswork? In any case, on “Hologram Moon”, Kirlian Camera engage in a subversive play with perspectives and alternative realities.
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