Combichrist: We Love You

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1. We Were Made To Love You
2. Every Day Is War
3. Can’t Control
4. Satan’s Propaganda
5. Maggots at the Party
6. Denial
7. The Evil In Me
8. Fuck Unicorns
9. Love Is A Razorblade
10. From My Cold Dead Hands
11. We Rule The World Motherfuckers
12. Retreat Hell Part 1
13. Retreat Hell Part 2

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Combichrist returns with an all new album and an all new positive outlook! On We Love You, Andy LaPlegua and his merry band of loveable scamps have traded the nihilistic vitriol of Making Monsters for a shiny new perspective. Why, in the opening track, “We Were Made to Love You”, Combichrist kicks things off by saying “please, don’t forget… We Love You”! See? They love us! Granted, it’s followed by the words “now die” and thus begins the bone-crunching, anthemic opening song.

Ok. Who are we kidding? This is Combichrist. And the new album, We Love You, is Combichrist turned up way past ten. Everything is farther, faster, and darker. There are more guitars, pounding drums, heavier electronics, further experimentation, lots more anger… and it’s tons more fun.

C’mon, maggots, join the party.

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