Attrition: The Hand That Feeds (the remix album”) ~ SALE $7″

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  1. I am a theif (intro). Dance or Die remix
  2. Cold Genius. Polaxe remix
  3. Waste not, want…more. D.O.S. remix
  4. Cosmetic Citizen. Stromkern remix
  5. Lip Sync. IT remix
  6. I am (Eternity). Chris n Cosey remix
  7. White men talk. Morbus Kitahara remix
  8. The Mercy Machine. ATTRITION remix
  9. My Friend is Golden. Regenerator remix
  10. Acid Tongue. New Mind remix
  11. The Second Hand. Mark Crumby remix
  12. In the Nursery remix
  13. “Ephemeral”. The Truth remix

“One of the first essential albums of the new millenium.” ROCKSOUND magazine / UK
Includes exclusive mixes of ATTRITION classics from Chris n’ Cosey, In The Nursery, Dance or Die,New Mind, Regenerator, Stromkern, Morbus Kitahara, various techno and drum n bass dj’s and more…and featuring exotic cover art from renowned US artist John Santerineross..

A review from DAMn Magazine

After many years & releases on Projekt records, Attrition returnes here with remixes from the likes of Dance or Die (although short & disappointing), Chris & Cosey, New Mind, In the Nursery and Attrition themselves, so you know this is overall a fine release. 13 trax in all with the standout cuts being: “Cold Genius”, “Waste Not” & “Cosmic Citizen.” All with strong electro & break-beats looped in, here & there. Quite great, overall. — Shred

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