Worms Of The Earth: Sitra Achra/Azal’ucel 2CD Combo


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Sitra Achra
1. Malkuth – The World Dissolves and Reveals Sitra Achra
2. Gamaliel – Corrupted Sanctuary of Fire
3. Gnarled Roots Suspend the Ruined Temple
4. Path of Samekh
5. Thagirion – Mired In a River of Drowned Bodies
6. Path of Zamradiel
7. Satariel – Field of Apocryphal Monuments
8. Excising the Last Vestiges of Ahamkara
9. [CLOSING] Azal’ucel
1. Disgraced At The Foot Of The Throne Of God 08:38
2. Two Hundred Years Beneath The Frozen Lake 07:00
3. Wandering Cadaverous Fields Toward The Citadel At Topheth 08:32
4. Fork-Tongued Priests At Black Gehanna Again Speak My Name 07:01
5. Of Statues And The Sacred Gardens 08:10
6. Drawing The Twelve Sigils of Set-heh 07:04
7. Endless Hallways Of The Angelic Spires 08:27
8. A Pestilent Fog Descends Upon The Empyreal Throne 06:41
9. Tearing Down The Christian Pantheon 10:15

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Combo including both “Sitra Achra” and “Azal’ucel” at a nice price.

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