Eliwagar: I Vølven’s Vev (CD)


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01 Urdarbrunnr
02 I Vølven’s Vev
03 Lys I Skyggen
04 Hjertet Av Livstreet
05 Nordstjernen
06 Solhjul Bortenfor Nordavind
07 VI Høster Som VI Sår
08 Vølven’s Gravhaug
09 Sol Og Måne
10 Almødre Vølur
11 Njardar’s Vogn
12 I Njardar’s Favn

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I Vølven’s Vev (in the volve’s web) is a comeback to the roots of Eliwagar – pure heathen neofolk. A need to express my feelings in the most natural way for me. The use of electric instruments leave place to only acoustic and folk sounds in which I find the most intense and deepest energies. This release is also the return of Eliwagar as a one woman band. Runahild about the album: “The inspiration for “I Vølven’s Vev” is deeply rooted into strong spiritual experiences shared with some people who truly enriched my life. I Vølven’s Vev” is an echo from the roots, an inspiration from the heart and a reflection of a life journey.”

“To describe any of the albums in the Eliwagar catalog in a few simple words is impossible. Mesmerizing is definitely one word that comes to mind but still does not encompass the power, passion, purity and overall mood of any of the albums. “I Vølven’s Vev” continues their history of epic releases and I feel is their best album to date. Steeped in traditional Norwegian folk with a connection to ambient and soundtrack stylings (…) “I Vølven’s Vev” is introspective, uplifting, powerful, majestic, hypnotizing….see I told you one word is impossible.

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