Eliwagar: Eliwagar

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1. Morgendugg Skinner i Sollyset Lik Tusen Stjerner
2. Alver og Disir
3. Skjoldmøy
4. Et Lys i den Dansende Tåka
5. Huldrefolk
6. Ægishjalmur
7. Norvegr
8. Solruna

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German Import – Runahild on the new album:
“The new Eliwagar album is self-titled simply because this release is the pure reflection of my essence. The inspiration comes from the very depth of my spirit and eternal connection with my mother land. Music is a spiritual experience for me, it transcends the worlds, it is the ancestral echoe from the deep dark water of my subconscious, it is the sparkle that flares up the embers of the life energy, it is a feeling in nature that vibrates in harmony with my spirit. This release is the reflection of a spiritual journey into the underworld to meet with the Huldrefolk, every song represent a different state of mind through this journey and some nature sounds bind every song together to lead from one dimension to the other.”

Eliwagar represents the light shining like a star in the night, the inner sun we all have burning within our spirit, it is an invocation to the ancestors and their life energy, it is a journey to the source of the origin and to the roots of our lineage to find this ancestral light that will guide us through the darkness and the fog so we can achieve noble purpose in this life and do our best to protect what we love so we can offer a good future for our children, it is our turn to defend our beloved ones and nature just as our ancestors did for us.

Heil og Sæl ! (old Norse for “to good health and happiness”)

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