Selofan: Ciné Romance (Vinyl LP)


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A1 Elegy against Fear 3:48
A2 Shadowmen 3:24
A3 The One You Wanted 4:18
A4 Romance 2:57
A5 Lithium 3:46
A6 La Industria del Sexo 3:32
B1 Σελοφάν (Celophane) 4:37
B2 Μαυσωλείο (Mausoleum) 3:13
B3 Νεοελληνικό Σκηνικό (Crime Scene) 4:29
B4 Βραχυκύκλωμα (Short Circuit) 4:14
B5 Το Υπόγειο (The Basement) 4:56

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Once you enter Selofans’ ”Ciné Romance” you will never want to leave again. You will be transferred in a new-wave world of playful irony, electronic melodies and experimentation. Once we go through the gates of this Cinema we shall forget our fears in the sound of a cinematic track inspired by David Lynchs’ movie ”Dune”. After this catharsis we are ready to enter the dark, mutant world of -according to our opinion- the currently most visionary band emerging from the Greek underground. Selofans’ world is multi sided, you may feel directly connected to it and the next moment you may lose the ground under your feet. Polymorphism comes from Greece and has always been a characteristic for Selofans’ music. The album is singular in concept but varies in genres: dark-wave treasures, synth-punk spells, melodic saxophone fairy-tales and early industrial beats coexist in harmony, while a hallucinating voice sings or whispers poems of great emotional tension in different languages, exposing uncomfortable truths. This album transfers a powerfully original fusion of energies and is meant to be only for the wild at heart!

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

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