X Marks The Pedwalk: The House of Rain


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1. The House of Rain
2. Drowned Words
3. We are One
4. Shock Therapy
5. Amplified Dichotomy
6. Second Home
7. Frozen Light
8. Happiness
9. Go down
10. Far from Eden
11. Another Dream
12. Asynchronous

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German Import | Good things take their time… Almost two and an half years have passed since X-MARKS THE PEDWALK started working on their eight studio album. After their massive comeback in 2007 with Inner Zone Journey and their latest release The Sun, the Cold and My Underwater Fear (2012), be prepared to follow Sevren Ni-Arb and Estefania to a very special place The House of Rain. Warm, powerful soundscapes with pumping beats and pulsating sequences give you protection and escape. Fragments of catchy melodies hit ephemeral moments of yearning and melancholy. What do you feel? What is moving you? How long will you stay? Come closer and let this band take you in their commanding electronic world.

Twelve brand new songs mostly atmospheric and multifarious are to be discovered! Stronger than ever – THE German Electro pioneers are back in March!

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