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  1. Mesonoxian Visitors
  2. Midway
  3. Welcome to the Carnival
  4. Canvas Wonderland
  5. Midway Reprise
  6. A Strange Menagerie
  7. Madame Zora
  8. Agent of Fortune
  9. Dr. Atmore’s Elixirs of Good Humour and Fortification
  10. Alura the Snake Lady
  11. Arcane Wonders
  12. Under the Big Top
  13. Freakshow
  14. Pulling the Strings
  15. Carousel Ride
  16. Revelation
  17. Goons and Greasepaint
  18. Kiddieland
  19. Krellsig’s Kastle of Fun
  20. Diversions in the Dark
  21. Twisted Labyrinth
  22. Cheval Glass
  23. Sea of Laughter
  24. Lights Out
  25. Epilogue
  26. Crum Car (BONUS)

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The theme of the new disc surrounds the Lancaster-Rigby Carnival, a shadowy, turn-of-the-century traveling circus with more than a few skeletons in its closet. “We spent a lot of time researching circuses and carnivals of that time period to ensure that the sounds and music work together to immerse you in this world,” said Edward Douglas. “There’s also a big tip of the top hat to Mr. Bradbury whose work inspired many of the more horrific elements on the disc.” Carnival Arcane also features the vocal talents The Dead Matter alumns Jason Carter, Brian Van Camp, and Dennis Carter, Jr.
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