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  1. Mansion in the Mist
  2. Forgotten Path
  3. Time Outside of Time
  4. Fallen Grandeur
  5. Hands of Fate
  6. The Drawing Room
  7. Mausoleum d’ Haverghast
  8. Family Secrets
  9. Last Breaths
  10. Vertigo
  11. The Watcher
  12. Cellar
  13. Cold Embrace
  14. Hand in Hand Again
  15. Harvest of Deceit
  16. Footsteps in the Dust
  17. Veiled Hunter
  18. Sinister Pact
  19. Grisly Reminder
  20. Deadly Intentions
  21. The Lost Room
  22. Living Walls
  23. Gruesome Discovery
  24. Return of the Ancient Ones
  25. The 13th Hour

The most anxiously awaited release from the masters of gothic/horror soundscape, this disc delivers! Set in a haunted Victorian mansion, The 13th Hour features Midnight Syndicate’s signature blend of dark, gothic orchestration blended with 80’s-style horror movie music, and chilling sound effects that draw you into the halls of a haunted house with a sinister history.

The ultimate Halloweeen horror soundtrack for any gothic music, ghost-hunting, or haunted attraction lover. Turn off the lights and light the candles as spectral sound effects blended with the music make The 13th Houra truly unique and interactive listening experience.

Perfect background for horror RPG or boardgaming adventures. Officially approved by Chaosium Games for use with the “Call of Cthulhu” RPG.

This is the most gothic and creepiest of the band’s career – Krepuskulum Magazine Mention “horror music” to any true horror fan, and one name is sure to pop up: Midnight Syndicate. Their latest offering is proof positive of why this is true… With “The 13th Hour,” Midnight Syndicate has raised the bar as high as one can imagine when it comes to a Halloween-worthy soundtrack. – Horror Channel Midnight Syndicate’s best work (even better than “Gates of Delirium”) . . These guys have got it pegged! – Gaming Report.com

The 13th Hour is the most incredible stunning work of art for the ears and imagination to date by Midnight Syndicate. The atmosphere created on this disk is unlike ANYthing that I have heard and is by far the most intense release to date. It WILL bring forth those images of fear and paranoia to your mind……it’s a place I like to be….” – Angela, fan

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