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  1. Premonition
  2. Darkness Descends
  3. Born of the Night
  4. Lost Souls
  5. Dark Tower
  6. The Apparition
  7. Gargoyles
  8. Lurking Fear
  9. Shadows
  10. Whispers
  11. Solemn Reflections
  12. Haunted Nursery
  13. Woe
  14. Masque of Sorrow
  15. Requiem
  16. Dungeon
  17. Something Wicked
  18. Vampire’s Kiss
  19. Nightstalker
  20. Midnight
  21. Forbidden Crypts

The album that started it all. Midnight Syndicate’s classic gothic soundtrack CD that served as an introduction to the band’s own brand of symphonic gothic/horror soundscape.

“Midnight Syndicate encapsulates the power and passion of the night and its mysteries . . . an exceptional release that beautifully explores gothic horror and romance . . . I highly recommend it.” – Outburn Magazine (#8)

“. . . this is about as spooky as it gets . . . ” – Dark Nights (UK)

“Twenty-one songs of pure gothic bliss wrapped up in a gothic aesthetic to die for.” – Dark Velvet

“Midnight Syndicate has crafted a beautiful album here, perfect for that reflective time between the darkest part of the night and when the first slivers of light come peeking over the mountains at dawn.” – Carpe Noctem (#15)

“Great Halloween music! Dark, spooky, eerie, GOTH!” – Raging Smolder Magazine

“I highly recommend this album and pray you enjoy it as much as I do.” – The Gothic Preservation Society

“Anyone who has not heard this work as of yet is missing out on what it deemed among the BEST in dark orchestration thus far.” – Legends E-zine

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