The Mission: The Brightest Light (ltd 2CD)

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1. Black Cat Bone
2. Everything but the Squeal
3. Sometimes the Brightest Light come from the darkest Place
4. Born under a Good Sign
5. The Girl in a Fur Skin Rug
6. When the Trap clicks shut behind us
7. Ain’t no Prayer in the Bible can save Me now
8. Just another Pawn in Your Game
9. From the Oyster comes the Pearl
10. Swan Song
11. Litany for the Faithful
12. Litany For The Faithful

1. Drag
2. I´m falling again
3. The long Way ‘round Is sometimes the only Way home
4. The Girl in the Fur Skin Rug (acoustic demo)
5. Born under a good Sign (Wayne Hussey Demo)
6. Black Cat Bone (Wayne Hussey Demo)
7. From the Oyster come the Pearl (Wayne Hussey Demo)
8. When the Trap clicks shut behind us (Wayne Hussey Demo)
9. Ain’t no Prayer in the Bible can save Me now (Wayne Hussey Demo)

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The Mission are back with their most exciting album to date. Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, & Simon Hinkler, original members all, along with drummer Mike Kelly, came to realize that they actually made quite a decent big ol noise together and wanted to capture their newly rejuvenated sound on record. In support of the new album, the band will embark on a US headlining tour this September hitting all major market cities along the way. This is a unique work and sounds only like The Mission, this is a band that has never sounded so good, so fresh, so true.

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