The Cruxshadows: Frozen Embers (CD)

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  1. Winter Born (This Sacrifice -album version)
  2. Dance Floor Metaphor
  3. Return (Coming Home – Dreamside remix part 1)
  4. Return (Coming Home – Dreamside remix part 2)
  5. Seraphs – Revox Lost Souls Mix
  6. Winter Born (This Sacrifice – Club/Radio Edit)
  7. Go Away (Future Bible Heroes Remix)
  8. Sinking
  9. Return (Coming Home – Assemblage 23 remix)
  10. Winter Born (This Sacrifice – Sacrificial Acoustic Version)
  11. Return (Coming Home – Tenebrous Remix)
  12. Return (Coming Home – DJ Ian Ford 555 Remix)
  13. Deception (Original English Version)
The Cruxshadows have taken the unusual step of combining two products together on one midpriced CD: the previously planned ”Wishfire remix EP” is being merged with ”Winterborn,” the first single from the band’s upcoming album. The combined release is titled ”Frozen Embers,” and features remixes of ”Return, Go Away,” and ”Seraphs” by Assemblage 23, Future Bible Heroes, The Dreamside, DJ Ian Ford, and Tenebrous. There will also be three versions of ”Winterborn,” two exclusive tracks called ”Dance Floor Metaphor” and ”Sinking,” and the English language version of ”Deception,” previously available only on the ”Vampire: The Masquerade” soundtrack CD. On Dancing Ferret.
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