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  1. The Lights Before Us
  2. Lyceum
  3. Song of the Ocean Wraith
  4. Black Coat Reflection
  5. Plasma Wing
  6. At Otis Grove, Fallen
  7. Memorial Figures

From the artist: There were several deep impulses and inspirations that lead to the creation of the music on my new album My Ghosts and Yours. I’m fascinated by how music might sound if it came to us from the place we go to after we pass on, and how the sounds would be transformed, expanded, made magic, and infused with strange knowledge by this epic trip across the void. The songs were created using electric guitar and an array of signal processing gear, and are entirely improvised. The effects used lend themselves so well to reflecting this idea of music transformed by space and time, as they have the capacity to generate the feeling of huge expanses, and to shift the speed at which different components of the sound are perceived. Focused improvisation allows for the exploration and interrogation of thoughts held in my head and heart within the context of the sound designs created on the signal processors. Memories of imaginary places surfaced while recording the songs: an immense, decaying room with strange shadows in an abandoned warehouse, a small family graveyard soaking with mud and mist at the far end of a New England farm property, an old schoolhouse discovered at dusk at the end of a country road whose long-gone students linger in some incorporeal form and can be glimpsed in peripheral movements… any one of these places could be portals through which the astute listener might hear the sounds from across the void, and the pieces selected to appear on the album each represent this kind of enigmatic environment.

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