Byron Metcalf: Induction: Breathe – Surrender – Repeat (featuring Steve Roach)


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1. Facing the Answers
2. Not Without Risk
3. Primordial Recognition
4. Fields of Intention
5. Heart Warriors
6. O-Daiko’s Dream
7. Dark Brew
8. Clan Travelers
9. A Warning From the Elders

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Byron writes, “By request I have edited and optimized some of my personal favorite tracks for breathwork, trance-dance and other forms of dynamic inner-exploration into a compilation CD. This special production CD contains nine up-tempo compositions designed to induce and support expanded states of awareness and the journey toward wholeness.”

Featuring drums & percussion, didgeridoo, voice, drones, atmospheres & soundworlds
Guest musicians: Steve Roach, Ron Oates, Jack Coddington, Rian McGonigal, Gail Chasin, Ted Usatynski, John Dumas, Jesse Pursley

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