Taphephobia: Escape From The Mundane Self

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1. Into The Night He Disappears
2. My Worthless Self
3. White Chamber
4. To Storm The Field
5. Stranger In This Century
6. In The Heart Factory
7. Corporeal Escape
8. Earth Bound Spirit
9. Leave Their Sinking Ship
10. Placid Hours Of Quietness (The Final Day)
11. All Night Near The Water

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Canadian Import – Sixth release (and the first for Cyclic Law) of the Norwegian drone ambient project Taphephobia created by Ketil S (also of Mulm and ex-Northaunt.) As emphasized by its title, this record is intented to take one away from the mundane everyday world, it is not a concept album, rather an album where both the music and the titles are open for interpretation. The soudscapes lead to an inner experience where you can discover your own hidden voices and your own secret world of colours. An inner journey which stretches the imagination from terrifying seastorms to idyllic moments of wintery landscapes.
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