Vortex: Kali Yuga

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1. Kali Yuga Anthem
2. Confusion
3. Dawn of the Iron Age
4. Gods of the Desert
5. Prayer for the Iron Age
6. Techno Crisis
7. Kali Yuga Ritual
8. Corruption
9. Martial Destiny
10. Sadness Remains (Lament)
11. Kalki The Destroyer

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Canadian Import – Third full length album from Germany’s Vortex. “During a long trip to India some years ago the idea grew to compose a whole album focusing on the darkest of the ages in Hindu mythology, the Iron Age or Kali Yuga. I instinctively felt that this would serve as a great metaphor for current crisis in the world, a time of corruption, decline and war. This concept also allowed me to dive even deeper into shamanistic ritual sounds than before and to create a multi-layered and transcultural musical metaphor. This album is more achaic, drum driven and spiritual than all things I created earlier. And I was happy enough to collaborate with talented people for this monumental effort, especially German ambient artist M. M. Ra. as well as the ambitious artcore-guitarist Patrick Kilian of the German post-punk-band Rome Asleep. ‘Kali Yuga’, a work in progress for three years, aims to go beyond the boundaries of apocalyptic ambience and may be seen as modern aural shamanism.” Marcus S.
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