Ataraxia: Lost Atlantis re-issue


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  1. The Early Days
  2. Daytia
  3. Aperlae
  4. Dolphins
  5. Agharti
  6. Fountains
  7. Mu-land
  8. Oduarpa
  9. Lost Atlantis
  10. The Land of Sand of Gold of Ruin
  11. Departure

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| Argentinian Import re-issue |The band writes: For 3 years we’ve been working on a new project but it’s many more years we’ve been collecting elements (photos, travels in archeological sites, readings, collection of historical documents) to translate into music the most well-known events present in the ancient scriptures of every faith, religion, country and ancient philosophy,

LOST ATLANTIS embodies the ancestral myth of the sunked land, an inheritage of all our subconscious wherever we come from. Legends say that about 50.000 years ago two important civilizations (having great ESP powers but also a powerful fascinating and dangerous technology) fought a terrible war leading them to disappearance. The resulf of all this was being sunken by the oceans. Before disappearing they thought to leave signs to the future inhabitants of the earth in order they wouldn’t have done the same mistakes, these traces are present in many ancient buildings like some pyramids in Egypt, Mexico and in some Mediterranean and Oceanic islands.

We visited some of those sites, we took many photos, we studied Plato and some PaleoAmerican ancient codex, we mixed the founts more linked to ancient Greece and the disappearance of the Minoic civilization of Krete and Thera (in Thera, 10.000 years ago, a volcano eruption annihilated this progressive, pacific civilization indissolubly linked to the myth of Atlantis) with more ancient and harsh legends (based on the costumes of ancient civilizations, different philosophies, traditions) we trusted on our instinct and sensitivity and we transformed all of this in a musical suggestion.

We try to describe the mythic origin of the man through symbols and create a pagan opera that owns a sacral taste. “From chaos harmonia is born and once again was chaos”, the genesis, the beginning, a far away past that can be a sort of warning for the future, the possibility that human beings have to cancel everything once again without observing, knowing, meditating on the signs left by some ancient philosophers, thinkers and wise-men.

Paradoxically this will be our more actual release even if inspired by happenings that took place in an uncountable past. Furthermore it will be our more experimental release till now, there will be a great use of effects and watery sounds for guitars (classic and electrics) and voices, the keyboards will be floating, wrapping-up, an unusual fusion of mysterious pasts and improbable futures, a synthesis of opposites, a musical research that corresponds to a personal inner research. The lyrics will be in English (the future) and ancient Greek (the past). We need to portray these tragic happening through an ascetic, ieratic, distant sound, full of nostalgia, detached from the contingent, giving an idea of ancestral lost but at the sama time of of elevation. We would like to capture the sounds of the Mediterranean sea and of the ocean, the oxygen and the lack of it, a strong spiritual atmosphere. Then there will be a classic harmony of forms, the turkey blue and the light white colours, a timeless suspension, a sort of awful respect for crystalized things.

The frame of this release will be a suspended, apocalyptic, visionary and sometimes sweet and nostalgic spiral of sounds. Some meaningful and symbolic passages from ‘The Book of Dzyan’ by Madame Blavatsky have also been recorded.

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