Hybryds: The Silent Whisper


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1. Silence
2. One Heartbeat ago
3. Come il Candore
4. Morgendämmerung
5. Solveign
6. Nefertite
7. Duende
8. Dicipline
9. Garden of Dreams
10. Wheel of Life
11. Silent Whisper – part 1&2&3

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German Import – Hybryds 2nd release on Sleepless records Berlin. Dark ambient and industrial, ritual music created by Magthea, TraumaSutra and Madeline Arndt. Impressive and disturbing vocals from Madeline Arndt blend in cold sounds taking your mind to dark places. Sometimes harsh and bleeding sometimes soft and healing. Rhythms from digital beats and ethnic percussion to bring body and mind to different levels. Music that takes control of your secret wishes. A sonic journey scratching the veins of your brain. With guest vocals from Dark Poem.
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