Arcanta: Book of Mirrors (CD)

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  1. Reflection
  2. Tattvamasi
  3. Indra’s Net
  4. The Endless Mirror
  5. Goldensong
  6. Web of Maya
  7. Ashes Upon the Aegean
  8. Invitation
  9. The Feather of Ma’at
  10. Be What You Are
  11. Mystery of Faith
  12. The Flight of the Alone to the Alone
  13. The Prodigal’s Return
  14. Omtatsat
  15. Echoes of Reflection

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From 2008, the 3rd and most recent album from Arcanta.

For over fifteen years, visionary vocalist Thom Ayres has expressed his inner journey through the music of Arcanta. His powerful vocals are the center of a sound that is meditative yet intense, strange yet beautiful, encouraging listeners to enter their own deeper realms. Whether sung in Sanskrit, Latin, English, or the wordless language of the soul, these tunes transcend genres, going straight to the heart.

On BOOK OF MIRRORS, Ayres found an ideal collaborator in Julian West; together, they created dramatic sonic landscapes over which the stirring vocals soar. Included are fan favorites “Goldensong” and “Be What You Are.””

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