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Created over the first months of the 2020 global pandemic lockdown, Metamorphosis is Paulina Fae’s most personal and sultry album to date. The songs were born from a different place, a more guarded place. They take Fae’s muse in a new direction within the dreamy pop genre. The 10 edgy tracks shed light on an unsettling yet provocative awakening of new worlds within worlds. The album is laced with sensual vocals upon jagged, moody and somber electronics balancing against an instrumental atmosphere of an eerie calm.

“I let the songs do what they wanted to do,” Fae reflects, “To go wherever they wanted to go. As a result, they turned out raw and erratic. They took a life of their own. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to release this because it felt a bit too personal. Then I realized that these ARE the songs I’ve always wanted to share. These songs reveal new depths and layers to everything I’ve long been communicating within my work.”

With Metamorphosis, there’s a spinning and a cocooning and a busting out of silk. “Through these songs, my wings expand as I soar into new terrain. As with pencil sketches, these songs form tense beginnings, gaining texture and dimension in the thickening middle. They smooth out in the end to a fulfillment of a haunted but graceful calm, holding just enough of the delicate lines created in the beginning of this journey while maintaining a fundamental life force throughout. This is my heart and soul laid bare.”

Raw and restless, Metamorphosis holds a chrysalis of moody compositions that delve into vulnerable pathways of the heart. Ten songs escort the listener on a nebulous terrain of transformation, casting a shadowplay of harmonic codes to reconstruct the circuitry of the soul. Let go and unravel; weave back together with wings to fly.

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