Sky’s Gone Out: Tension Sessions (ep)

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1. Liquid People 03:18
2. The Wire 02:45
3. Start Bleeding 03:52
4. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores 04:34

Tension Sessions, the debut EP by Seattle’s enigmatic Sky’s Gone Out project—is terse, melodic post post-punk with a distinctive rhythmic backbone, brooding (yet powerful) imaginative vocals and locked-in, complimentary guitar/bass interplay. Tension Sessions is a refreshing new take on classic dark-tinted alt rock (Joy Division, Fall, Wire, etc.,) with a slab of theatricality, sexual tension, and an immediacy born from real-time recording.

Sky’s Gone Out is the result of Legion Within frontman William Wilson corralling his friends Eric Cooley of Faith & Disease, Greg Forschler of Fear of Dolls/C’est la Mort, and LW drummer Aaron Nicholes together to play an impromptu set of Bauhaus covers for Seattle-NY artist Lisa Fong’s going-away party. Reception to—and chemistry within—the band clicked, and after a dozen more live shows Sky’s Gone Out wisely decided to capture a good thing: record a triptych of original material and call it a day.

Shelved for 5+ years, Projekt Records is proud to unveil never-before heard material from the short-lived but brilliant Seattle quartet Sky’s Gone Out. PLUS a bonus track: a live cut of John Cale’s “Rose Garden Funeral of Sores” recorded at Seattle’s legendary, infamous Vogue nightclub.


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