Unto Ashes: Spellbound in Winter (Digital)

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  1. Our Palace of Ice
  2. For I am Winter Born
  3. Spellbound
  4. The Lord Is Born to the Lady On the Winter Solstice
  5. Krampusnacht (For Krampus the Christmas Demon)
  6. King of Frost
  7. Hanerot Halalu
  8. Winter Procession

From the beginning of mankind, Winter has been both feared and revered. Spellbound in Winter is the latest offering from UNTO ASHES who, since 1999, have been celebrating Winter’s magic through exquisite and unique songs. For UNTO ASHES, Winter is the harbinger of change, heralding the end and beginning of all the seasons. Winter is the embodiment of the death of all life, and from which all life begins anew. The mythology of Winter has been expressed in every culture of the world, from time immemorial, through art, words and music. To this vast and epic catalogue of works known and unknown, UNTO ASHES adds eight Winter songs of their own creation. This lovingly crafted Winter Cycle begins and ends with two instrumentals, from the extremely cold synthetics of “Our Palace of Ice” to the acoustic, dirge-like “Winter Processional.”

Four songs appear here for the first time. The strange and wonderful title track “Spellbound” (with words by Emily Bronte) features characteristically curious Unto Ashes instrumentation, structure and vocal harmonies. “King of Frost” (with original lyrics by K. McClain) is a beautiful neo-folk song that celebrates the Winter King and His powers of destruction. “Hanerot Halalu,” an ancient Hebrew chant that is sung during Hanukkah, is here presented in a sublime a capella arrangement by Ericah Hagle. “Winter Procession” is the instrumental version of “For I am Winter Born” (surely one of the finest UNTO ASHES songs ever recorded), and would be perfectly suitable for a pagan ceremony invoking the Death of the Corn.

On Spellbound in Winter we also rediscover UNTO ASHES Winter classics such as the majestic “The Lord is Born to the Lady On the Winter Solstice” (which may be Christian, non-Christian, or both) and of course “Krampusnacht” which was written in honor of the too-little known Austrian Christmas demon.

UNTO ASHES fans will by enchanted and delighted by Spellbound in Winter, which will entrance and captivate new fans with songs of Winter’s timeless magic.


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