Jeff Greinke: Over Ruins / Moving Climates (last copy left)


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    Over Ruins
  1. Lead and Steam
  2. Regions Rendered Barren
  3. Canal
  4. Runaway Freight
  5. Over Ruins
  6. Inhabited Tunnel
  7. Pillars of Light
  8. Across Vast Plains
  9. Island Arc
    Moving Climates
  10. Difficult Words
  11. Their Final Hour
  12. Open Duct
  13. Stray Thoughts
  14. Gathering Force
  15. Red Tide
  16. Traffic Wars
  17. Towering Cumulus

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Jeff Greinke’s unique process of sound-layering creates electronic music that is rich in texture, depth, mood, and subtle detail. His audience among new age and electronic music listeners liken Jeff’s work to that of fellow dark-ambient pioneers Robert Rich, Alio Die and Vidna Obmana.

Composed, performed, and produced by Jeff Greinke.
Recorded between 1984 and 1986 at Simultaneous Studios, Seattle, WA.
Originally released on cassette by INTREPID.
R. Angus: tapes on Lead and Steam
Doug Haire: metal on Inhabited Tunnel

A review from Outburn Issue#13 / Fall 2000

Over Ruins/Moving Climates is a re-release on Projekt’s Archive subsidiary of two early tape-only releases of Jeff Greinke’s dating from ’84 and ’86. These early pieces have a dirty ambient sound, occasionally broken up with sparse pensive percussive intrusions. Over Ruins has an elusive subterranean muted quality; quiet synthscapes burrowing lazily through rich dark soil which hits at something potentially menacing, but never striking. Therein lies the tension of the work. “Difficult Worlds” oppens the Moving Climates half of the disc and it resembles Jon Hassell’s trademark effects laden sound; the main synth almost perfectly mimics Hassel’s trumpet. Moving Climates is slightly more rhythmic and features more obscure vocal samples than Over Ruins. The sound of Moving Climates is cleaner, yet still foreboding in its opaque soundscapes. These two releases compliment each other quite well, with only subtle differences in production. Anyone who is a fan of Greinke’s other insidious ambient work will want to hear this, as well as anyone who enjoys being seduced by troubling sounds environments.

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Jeff Greinke


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