vidnaObmana: Twilight of Perception (CD)

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  1. The embrace in motion (5’48")
    First appeared on Twilight Earth compilation CD, Timebase (Germany, 1994)
  2. Traditional spirit (gülüm seni) (4’59")
    Previously unreleased (1995), based upon an old Southeast Turkish village song
  3. Sanctuary of reply (16’14")
    Previously unreleased (1994)
  4. Over blue mountains (6’11")
    First appeared on Arcana Coelestia compilation CD, Multimood Records (Sweden, 1993)
  5. Primary (gamelan 3) (7’11")
    Previously unreleased, intended for The Spiritual Bonding album (1994) but eventually not used
  6. Twilight came (8’30")
    Previously unreleased (1990)
  7. Charm mystique (5’15")
    Previously unreleased (1993), originally intended for an as-yet unreleased compilation CD
  8. Torch of remembrance (4’51")
    First appearance on Objekt 5 compilation CD, Ladd/Frith (USA, 1992)
  9. Shamanistic return (6’53")
    First appearance on Ambient Nation, Volume 2 compilation CD, Art For Ears (Belgium, 1995)
  10. By abundant rain (6’25")
    First appearance on Of Sound Mind compilation cassette, Godsend (USA, 1993), live excerpt from a concert in Nijmegen, The Netherlands in 1991

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Twilight of Perception is a compilation of works which are not part of any vidnaObmana album.

Some pieces are previously unreleased, while others were contributions to a series of international samplers. With this album, the intention is not to present a fully cohesive compositional flow, but rather to present musical progress and simultaneously to compare the different moods in sound Vidna was able to explore over these past five years.

This collection ranges between earlier ambient pieces like "Twilight came" to an inspiring session with a Turkish musician; from the abstract rhythms of "Primary" to the acoustic percussion on "Sanctuary of reply." All are quite different but strongly interconnected.

Twilight of Perception takes part in the ongoing series of Vidna Obmana retrospectives on Projekt: Archive.

A 70-minute collection of previously unreleased and compilation-only tracks. “An indispensable look back along the path that has led to vidnaObmana’s watershed work of recent years. Highly recommended.” – INK NINETEEN.

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